Emergency Communications Employment

Being 911

Our 911 center is the vital link for all police, fire and EMS responses in James City County. Approximately 100,000 calls for service are processed by our dispatchers each year. This dedicated team is the lifeline to our community during any crisis they may face.

Eligibility Requirements

  • High School Diploma
  • Ability to Type at a Reasonable Rate
  • Successful Criminal Background Investigation
  • Willingness to Work Shift Work, Holidays and Overtime
  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

Hiring Process

  • Apply Online
  • Attend Information Session
  • Successfully Complete Critical Testing
  • Complete a Panel Interview
  • If selected to continue: Drug Test, Background Investigation, Polygraph, Hearing Test

What it Takes

This career requires dedication, clear thinking in high stress situations, multi-tasking, consistently changing technology, integrity, teamwork and a positive attitude. The 911 center operates on a 24/7 basis to include holidays, weekends, inclement weather and disasters. All Emergency Communications Officers are extensively trained over the course of a year.

Jessica"It was winter, the caller was young, homeless, hungry and cold with  nowhere to go. He was also suicidal. I tried to comfort him and let him  know that help was on the way. I later learned that the police officer I  sent had helped him buy some food. It felt good to be part of that."

Jessica Thomas, Training Coordinator

John"A man in his 50's had called because he was having a heart attack. He  was alone and scared. I stayed on the phone and comforted him until the  medics arrived. He later wrote and thanked me for helping him stay  calm."

John Antunes, Emergency Communications Officer II

Mallory"My dad is an investigator who was shot in the line of duty. It was  bittersweet to be here when one of our police officers was hurt. The way  our 911 center worked together was amazing. I love how we all know what  the other person needs and come together when things get chaotic." 

Mallory Murray, Emergency Communications Officer III


"This job is an interesting blend of technical skills and personal  skills. I chose this career because I want to be doing something that is  good for people. I also like being a service to our first responders on  the front line."

Eric Maule, Emergency Communications Officer I, U.S. Army Veteran