Sheriff's Office Commendations / Complaints

How to Make a Commendation or Complaint

If you wish to make a commendation or lodge a complaint about the actions of a Williamsburg-James City County Sheriff’s Office deputy or about any aspect of the Williamsburg-James City County Sheriff’s Office operations, please come by the Williamsburg-James City County Courthouse located at 5201 Monticello Avenue. Tell the security desk personnel that you would like to speak with someone about making a commendation or complaint about a deputy or Sheriff’s Office operations.

Or, you may call the Sheriff’s Office at 757-564-2220 to make a commendation or complaint.

You may also submit your commendation or complaint in writing and mail it to:

Sheriff David Hardin
Williamsburg-James City County Sheriff’s Office
5201 Monticello Avenue, Suite 5
Williamsburg, VA 23188

For commendations, please write a detailed letter explaining the specific action or actions of the deputy or the office which merit the letter of commendation. Your letter will be forwarded to the Sheriff David Hardin at the address listed above.

A Williamsburg-James City County Sheriff’s Office Supervisor will help you in filling out a notification of Citizen or Deputy Complaint form. This form asks you to identify yourself and then give specific details about your complaint. Your complaint will then be investigated. You may be contacted for details or clarification.

If it is going to take an extended period of time to investigate your complaint, you will receive a letter telling you approximately when you may expect a reply. When your complaint has been investigated, the Sheriff will review the investigation and send you a response advising you of the disposition regarding the complaint.