Auxiliary Police Force

Hiring Status

Applications for Auxiliary Police Officer will only be accepted by someone already a Virginia DCJS Certified Law Enforcement Officer. View a list of minimum qualifications and disqualifiers (PDF) online. If you are a DCJS Certified Law Enforcement Officer and would like to apply, please go to the James City County Career Center to register and complete an online application.

If you are not already a police officer in Virginia and are interested in joining the Auxiliary Police Force, please subscribe to our Police Applicant Interest email subscription list. Once subscribed, you will receive an email the next time we are accepting applications for auxiliary or full-time police officer positions. It is unknown when the next Auxiliary Police Academy class will be held; applications for Auxiliary Police Officers will not be accepted until the Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy schedules a class.

Recruitment & Selection

Applicants for the Auxiliary Police Force must:

  • Be 21 years of age at the time of completion of the police academy and field training
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Complete the hiring process and required training

Applicants for the Auxiliary Police Force will go through the same process as those for full-time officers:

  • An oral interview
  • Background investigation
  • Polygraph examination
  • Psychological and medical examinations to include a drug test
  • Fitness assessment

Training Requirements

  • Completion of the Basic Auxiliary School or be a Virginia State Certified Police Officer
  • Successful completion of firearms training
  • Successful completion of all training related to the use of force
  • Successful completion of Field Training Program
  • 40 hours of In-Service every two years
  • Semi-annual firearms qualifications

Probationary Status

  • All Auxiliaries will serve at the discretion of the Chief of Police
  • Auxiliaries will have the status of volunteers

Service Requirements

  • A minimum of 12 hours of service time is required every month
  • Failure to perform without cause shall be a reason for termination

Calling Into Service

According to 15.2-1731 Code of Virginia, Auxiliary Police Officers may be called into service under the following conditions:

  • In times of emergencies
  • At such times as there are insufficient numbers of regular police officers to preserve the peace, safety, and good order of the community
  • At any time to train such auxiliary officers
  • To aid and assist regular police officers in the performance of their duties

Uniform & Equipment

  • The Auxiliary Police uniform is identical to that of a full-time officer.
  • Auxiliary Officers are generally issued the same equipment as full-time officers.