Members of Task Force & Technical Advisory Committee

Workforce Housing Task Force Members

The Task Force is comprised of a representative group of citizens who have volunteered their time for this Strategic Plan initiative. The group will meet monthly over the next year.

  • Mr. Stephen Anderson, HHHunt Homes
  • Ms. Jennifer Andrews-Weckerly
  • Ms. Shernita Bethea, Hampton Roads Planning District Commission
  • Ms. Susan Gaston, Williamsburg Association of Realtors
  • Ms. Janet Green, Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg
  • Mr. Roger Guernsey
  • Mr. John "Jack" Haldeman, James City County Planning Commission
  • Ms. Christina Hartless
  • Ms. Ruth Larson, James City County Board of Supervisors
  • Ms. Thresa Joyce, Virginia Community Capital
  • Mr. Neil Mutreja, TM Associates
  • Ms. Kim Orthner
  • Ms. Robin Bledsoe, James City County Economic Development Authority
  • Mr. Gregory Stoerer, Williamsburg Landing
  • Ms. Virginia Wertman
  • Ms. Jeanne Zeidler, Williamsburg Health Foundation

A Technical Committee comprised of staff, Lisa Sturtevant and Associates, LLC, and Mel Jones of the Virginia Housing Research Center at Virginia Tech, will assist the Task Force.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

  • Alex Baruch, James City County Planner
  • Amy Jordan, James City County Director of Economic Development
  • Barbara Watson, James City County Assistant Director of Social Services
  • Lisa Sturtevant, Facilitator from Sturtevant and Associates
  • Keith Denny, James City County Housing Unit Supervisor
  • Marion Paine, James City County Assistant Administrator of Neighborhood Development
  • Mel Jones, Facilitator from Virginia Center for Housing Research
  • Michele Canty, WATA Communications Specialist
  • Paul Holt, James City County Director of Community Development
  • Rebecca Vinroot, James City County Director of Social Services
  • Tammy Rosario, James City County Assistant Director of Community Development
  • Teresa Saeed, James City County Economic Development
  • Tim  Baker, WJCC Public Schools Senior Director of Talent Management and Organizational Development
  • Vaughn Poller, James City County Neighborhood Development, Administrator