Pocahontas Trail Corridor Public Workshops

  1. Public Workshop #1
  2. Public Workshop #2
  3. Public Workshop #3

Public Workshop #1

Nov. 16, 2017
6:30-8 p.m.
Abram Frink Jr. Community Center
15 Attendees


The Public Workshop was intended to inform residents about the study and gain valuable input from the community regarding their concerns and desired improvements along the Pocahontas Trail Corridor. A short presentation was conducted by the Study Team and summarized the study scope and schedule and then reviewed the corridor in terms of traffic operations/congestion, safety, connectivity and access, existing pedestrian, bicycle, and transit accommodations, and other information. The presentation was followed by two interactive activities.  A “Word Wall” was created and attendees were asked to identify their key concerns and most desired improvements for the corridor. Next, attendees participated in a “Build a Street” activity; different parts of a roadway (through lanes, turn lanes, sidewalks, shared use paths, buffer spaces, etc) were provided and residents were asked to combine them to create their desired typical section for the corridor. Input received at the workshop is being used by the project team to develop preliminary improvement concepts to be shared with the public at the next workshop in January 2018. The presentation materials can be found via the link below.

Public Workshop