Care Team

What is Care Team?

Well-Being Education & Support for the Whole Family

When children or adults in the family experience challenges in multiple areas of their life it can be difficult to stay healthy. The Child Health Initiative brings professional and natural support teams together to partner with families who are experiencing these challenges. The goal is for caregivers and children to begin actively choosing habits that lead to healthy living, economic stability and building their own future stories. 

How does the Care Team support? 

Partnership between the whole family and Care Team staff to meet family goals.

  • Support with obtaining health coverage, finding health providers and coordinating care.
  • Health education, including learning activities and groups.
  • Support with navigating early childhood education and school system resources. 
  • Connection with employment, continuing education and/or vocational training services and programs.
  • Resource coordination and education to further stabilize basic medical, financial and housing needs. 
  • Partnership activities occur in the home or in the community.
  • Consistent family engagement is required. Program is voluntary and free of charge. 

Who is eligible for the Care Team partnership?

Families who have demonstrated a willingness to learn new habits and have the ability to make changes for their family’s overall health and well-being.

  • Families with children in 5th grade or younger who reside in James City County.
  • Caregivers or children with lifestyle habits that increase health risks. This could include lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, inconsistent sleep routines, or inconsistent visits for medical, dental or vision care.
  • Families who need support with coordinating services related to healthcare, education, employment, or maintaining basic needs.
  • Families with no to low risk factors related to child welfare and safety.


Funding for the Child Health Initiative provided by the Williamsburg Health Foundation.

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