Land Use Map Designations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Land Use designations used? 
Land Use designations and development standards are used when the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors consider certain development proposals, such as re-zoning and special use permits. The Land Use map helps determine what kind of growth will occur in the County and where.

What is the difference between Land Use designation and zoning? 
The Land Use designation, in conjunction with County development guidelines, sets a guide for how you may be able to use your property in the future. Zoning is a separate process and layer, which legally determines current development, such as building and structure dimensions, design, placement, and use on the property.

Does changing the Land Use designation rezone a property? 
No, the Land Use Map only recommends future uses for a given property. Any changes in zoning would still require public hearings by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

How can I find out about my current designation? 
Visit our Property Information website or call 757-253-6685, or visit the Planning Division in Building A of the County Government Center. Summaries of each Land Use designation are available on the County’s digital version of the 2045 Comprehensive Plan in the Land use Chapter. 

What should I do if I want to change my Land Use designation? 
The only time changes to Land Use designations are considered is during the Comprehensive Plan update. The Comprehensive Plan is reviewed every five years.

Can I submit an application or suggestions for a property I don’t own? 
Only property owners and the County can apply to change the Land Use designation of their property, but all citizens are encouraged to comment on applications.