How does early voting in-person work?

Where can I vote early in-person? Unlike Election Day voting, anyone may vote at the JCC Vote Center.

Do I need a reason to vote early in-person? No. Any registered voter may vote early in-person.

Do I need to fill out an absentee application if I plan to vote early in-person? No, an absentee ballot application is not used for early voting in-person.

However, to vote in-person, you will need to provide your full legal name, current residence address and present an acceptable ID, just as you would at your polling place on Election Day. If you don’t have an acceptable ID, you may complete an ID Confirmation Statement, which serves as an acceptable ID and will allow you to check in and vote. Alternatively, you may vote a provisional ballot and provide a copy of your ID to the Office of Elections before noon on the Friday after the election. (except when Veteran’s Day is on Friday then the Electoral Board Canvass is after noon on Monday).

If I vote early in-person at the Vote Center, when is my ballot counted? Your ballot is counted when you feed it into the voting machine. However, the votes on the voting machines are not disclosed and reported until after 7 p.m. on election night.

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